Monday, November 15, 2010

One Sweet Love

Well, it's about that time of the week again!  This past week definitely hasn't been as eventful as earlier ones, but it was just as meaningful as a stepping stone in my life.  Every week I get hooked on a single song, this week it being One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles.  The beat and the lyrics were really hitting home and I always like to share that with you!  The line: "Only close my eyes and you are here with me, A nameless face to think I see, To sit and watch the waves with me till they're gone," and the line: "No ordinary wings I'll need, The sky itself will carry me back to you," have been especially meaningful - and you'll get the meaning later on in this blog. 

This week felt like such an accomplishment - I got all of my Christmas gifts taken care of!  So now the little money I have left can be used for myself and small trips around Italy with the greatest of friends.  I had a great Saturday date with my friend Aurora, where we went shopping together, went out to lunch, got gelato at our "spot", exchanged movies on our computers, and bought Harry Potter 7 tickets (in English, thank goodness!)!  As silly as it sounds, I am beyond excited to see the first installment of the movie.  Because I grew up with those books!  Harry was 11 when I was 11!  I still remember reading the first book in 5th grade at good old Willow Hill! 

Anyways, this week has been uplifting for me.  I've been praying a lot for the strength to get past certain events that have happened recently in my life, and for the ability to forgive.  I had three wonderful conversations with three wonderful people, and through them I was able to take different things that each of them said and apply them to my life.  My soon-to-be cousin, Nick, helped me to realize that I matter - I know that even if he doesn't realize it, that was God speaking to me through him.  My bestest friend in the entire world, Mischa, called me on Skype (and this was the first time we have been able to talk since I've been here!) and she helped me to realize that forgiveness takes time.  Sometimes you feel as if you have forgiven the person, and other days you just want to wring their neck because you're still so angry.  Just knowing that has helped to change my mentality.  I am still hurt and disappointed and sometimes angry, but I am slowly forgiving them.  God is constantly proving His reliability with me.  As soon as I started praying for the ability to forgive, he gives me three monumental conversations to give me exactly what I was asking for.  He is proving to me that all I really need in life is Him, that His love for me compromises all other things.  It is still beyond me why He cares so much for as small of a person as myself.  And He keeps telling me that He just does, and that is that!  In the words of God through Josh (my third monumental conversation of the week) "It's the mystery of unconditional love and desire.  No one will understand it because He doesn't have a reason.  It's just who He is.  If He needed to have a reason, then God would be subject to that reason.  Nothing is above God... and God is love, with no reason or need."  And also "I AM  that I AM," as He speaks to Moses through the burning bush.  He loves us because that is who He is. 

So those are my realizations of the week, blessed family and friends!  I am 22 days away from seeing my mom and grandma in the Florence airport and I could not be more excited to share this place with them!  I come home on December 20th in the evening and I expect to see you!  That's all for now.  Know that you are loved and missed from all the way across the ocean :]

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