Monday, November 22, 2010

Bottle It Up

It is yet that time of the week AGAIN!  I cannot believe how fast this time is going.  It seems like just yesterday that I thought, "It's time to write my blog again!"  I can't believe it was a week ago.  Well, I guess a lot has happened since I last blabbed away at you, so I guess I will just run with it!

Let's see.  Well Florence has been dreadful.  We have had one sunny day in the last week and the rest it has been a non-stop downpour.  I guess this is what winter is like here!  I much prefer snow.  Forgiveness has been at work still in my life and every day I am feeling better and better. 

On Friday, we went to Pisa for a half day.  Pretty much the only cool things about Pisa are the cathedral, baptistery, and the leaning tower (pictured above).  It was an enjoyable day, and our professor even treated us to coffee and hot chocolate after we stood around talking about altars for two hours.  I guess she thought we were all good sports ;)  But that night - THAT NIGHT - was the best thing that happened this week!  Those of you who know me, know that I am an avid Harry Potter fan.  I grew up with those books and actually get tears in my eyes at the thought of the saga finally finishing.  I even play as the snitch-runner in the Hope College Quidditch Club!  Shows you how much of a nerd I am!  Anyways.  About 15 out of the 23 students in our program went to see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS together!  It was truly the best evening together I think we have had yet.  It is really quite bittersweet that now that we have a little more than two weeks left, now we get so close to each other.  Sure, we all had our little circles of friends that hit it off immediately, but not we are ALL coming together.  It's lovely, but sad at the very same time especially since we are all so far away from each other upon our return to the US. 

The rest of the weekend I was pretty lazy.  I only ventured out into the great outdoors to have lunch with some friends and watch a movie afterward, but then returned home to watch more movies.  I did homework too, but I mostly just watched movies.  I also have a new painting idea working its way into my mind that makes me even more eager to get home so I can whip it out (there's a clue below as to what it will be of)! 

However, the most important lessons I have been learning this week have been on patience.  I am eager to get home, eager to finish strong, eager to see family and friends.  I also struggle with people in my life that really push my buttons and attempt to drag me downwards.  So I have been forced to be very patient not only with them, but with my eagerness to finish.  I know that if I snap at people and get fed up with them, I will regret it.  I know that if I wish time away just to return to the boring old 231, I will regret it.  So I have been learning to live for today, look forward to what is ahead but also enjoy what is around me because it's not going to be around much longer.  God has made some miraculous changes in me.  I knew that the moment I started praying for patience that He would test me!  And boy has He!  But I know that these changes are all for the better.

So, family and friends, I patiently await the day I see you again upon my return to the good old U.S. of A.  Maybe next week I'll have something more interesting to write about ;]

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